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Woodward Gateshaft Recommended Overhaul Parts

GS parts
GS Parts
Have you been told that parts and service are not available for your Woodward Gateshaft Governors? This is simply not true! American Governor offers a complete line of new replacement parts – as well as many reconditioned parts and assemblies – for the rugged Woodward Gateshaft governor.

Parts are often in stock or available with only a short lead time. A properly tuned and maintained Woodward Gateshaft governor provides excellent frequency regulation. Don’t be fooled into an unnecessary upgrade!

Select your style of Gateshaft governor from the following list. If you are not sure which to select, use this link: Gateshaft Types: How Can I Tell the Difference?
Gateshaft governor
Gateshaft Governor
Technical Support and Field Service AvailableIs your governor hunting? Are you having trouble synchronizing? Do the gates drift while on-line? We can help.

Our deeply experienced, OEM-trained Field Service Engineers are ready to answer any maintenance questions you may have and can be dispatched to your site on short notice for anything from routine troubleshooting, tuning, and calibration to a complete governor overhaul.