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  Parts Treatment & Preservation

Parts treatment can be essential to preserving a long life for your governor spare parts. Following these simple practices will ensure the longevity for your parts whether installed in equipment or sitting on the shelf.

Machined Parts

Certain machined parts have been treated with a PTFE-based penetrating fluid/lubricant that leaves a protective Gel on the parts. The coating protects the parts during long-term storage.

The grease-like gel should be removed by cleaning the parts in a mineral-based solvent or grease remover prior to installation and use.

Unprotected parts should not be handled with bare hands until they are ready to be cleaned and used. The salts and acids on human hands can cause spot corrosion.

The parts will not corrode if normal governor maintenance practices are followed during and after installation. The components should be lubricated during installation.

Stainless steel and black oxide coated products are exempt from this notice.


Certain gaskets are made from organic materials that are vulnerable to fungus and mildew if stored in a sealed environment.

Your gaskets are shipped in sealed plastic bags to ensure safe shipment. All gaskets should be removed from their bags and stored in a cool, dry place – not in a sealed container or bag.

Rubber or synthetic products are exempt from this notice.

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