Spare Woodward Governor Parts 

  GE Industrial Solenoids

American Governor has the largest inventory and availability of Woodward Governor parts in the world for hydro, gas, and steam turbines and for diesel and gas engines. We have a HUGE variety of new, surplus, and used/recertified Woodward Governor digital modules and miscellaneous parts/assemblies available.

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GE Solenoid CR9503
Replacement GE Industrial Solenoids, per Catalog GEF-4245B
Woodward Governor
Part No.
Frame Device Part Number Coil Voltage Frequency
202105 211E CR9503-211E, 2237032BF10 3021768 125 DC
202106 211E CR9503-211E, 2237032BG1 3021092 250 DC
202131 209C CR9503-209C, 2233923AO1 3021150 250 DC
202132 209C CR9503-209C, 2233923AN5 3021539 125 DC

We GUARANTEE that the coils will fit into the frame assembly. Not all commercially available coils will fit due to improper winding methods.