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  Tennessee Valley Authority – Chickamauga
Tennessee Valley Authority – Chickamauga

Ivyland, PA – American Governor Company (AGC) was selected recently by the Tennessee Valley Authority to design, manufacture, and install (4) 3-D Cam controls for the Chickamauga Hydro Plant, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. The station has 27MW Kaplan units, and retain the original Woodward Mechanical Cabinet Actuators. In the late 1990s, Woodward installed Summit 517 3-D Cam Blade controllers, but they had been increasingly problematic over the years and not supported by the OEM. Our project was for a surgical retrofit of the controller hardware only, retaining all the existing field devices. Imagine, as a Control Room Operator, going from a non-working, 2-line alpha numeric display, into a full color AGC Touchscreen HMI!

Chickamauga Dam is on the Tennessee River and was constructed in the late 1930s as part of a New Deal-era initiative to improve navigation and bring flood control and economic development to the Tennessee Valley. The dam impounds the 36,240-acre (14,670 ha) Chickamauga Lake and feeds into Nickajack Lake.

About American Governor Company
American Governor Company provides fully engineered digital governor conversion systems for hydro plants, including PLC-based digital controls, electro-hydraulic valve manifolds, hydraulic power units, electronic feedback devices and unit/plant control and monitoring systems. Installation, start-up, commissioning and field training services are provided by our staff of experienced governor specialists and field service engineers. American Governor also provides full support for legacy governor systems, including a complete line of replacement parts for all types of Woodward governors and a growing inventory of new and reconditioned parts and assemblies for other OEM governors. American Governor offers Field Service, Training, Retrofit kits and Technical Support for legacy governors. The Training and Repair Facility near Stevens Point WI offers factory repair services for governor pumps and permanent magnet generators as well as our annual Governor School and twice yearly Focus Classes. American Governor has provided more than 600 digital governor upgrades and has supported over 1,500 hydropower plants in North America.

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