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  Pacific Gas & Electric – Caribou 1
Pacific Gas & Electric – Caribou 1

Ivyland, PA – American Governor Company (AGC) has been awarded a contract by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to design and deliver the first of three governor systems for its Caribou 1 powerplant. This historic Californian powerplant is located on South Feather River, about an hour and a half northeast of Oroville, along scenic Highway 70. The three turbine-generator units are unusual: each ‘unit’ consists of two single-needle Pelton turbines overhanging a central generator, also known as Dual Overhung. Caribou 1 was constructed in 1921 and is located just to the right of the newer Caribou 2 plant, which was constructed in 1958 and already has an AGC Digital Governor.

At Caribou 1 the original Allis-Chalmers pedestal-style mechanical governors were replaced the 1990s by GEC Alstom (dba VA Tech) with Neyrpic Digipid 1000 controllers – one each for needle and deflector; four total per unit – and high-pressure hydraulic power (HPU) units. As the digital controllers have been made obsolete and have gone unsupported by the OEM, AGC will replace the internal components of each VA Tech ‘governor’ cabinet with new Allen-Bradley Control Logix PLCs, add Local and Remote HMIs, provide new needle and deflector EHIs that will interface with the existing HPU, and provide new position and speed feedback devices. PG&E’s own construction division will install the new governor equipment. AGC will provide Dry and Wet Testing, commission each unit, and assist PG&E’s ATS group to verify and document governor performance and perform model validation tests (Cal-ISO requirements).

Installation is expected to begin in July 2018.

PG&E - Caribou 1

About American Governor Company
American Governor Company provides fully engineered digital governor conversion systems for hydro plants, including PLC-based digital controls, electro-hydraulic valve manifolds, hydraulic power units, electronic feedback devices and unit/plant control and monitoring systems. Installation, start-up, commissioning and field training services are provided by our staff of experienced governor specialists and field service engineers. American Governor also provides full support for legacy governor systems, including a complete line of replacement parts for all types of Woodward governors and a growing inventory of new and reconditioned parts and assemblies for other OEM governors. American Governor offers Field Service, Training, Retrofit kits and Technical Support for legacy governors. The Training and Repair Facility near Stevens Point WI offers factory repair services for governor pumps and permanent magnet generators as well as our annual Governor School and twice yearly Focus Classes. American Governor has provided more than 600 digital governor upgrades and has supported over 1,500 hydropower plants in North America.

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