Governor Services 

  Training Classes

American Governor Company offers a full range of on-site training classes. Curricula for these courses includes both classroom and hands-on sessions that are specially designed to cover the particular equipment at your site. Each attendee also receives a training manual to use during the training course and for future reference.

Agendas can be customized to suit your preferences. Common training topics include:

*Note: During hands-on training the subject unit must be off-line and available for class use for at least one day. If an overhaul is part of the hands-on training the unit will need to be de-watered.

Class duration can vary from 2 to 5 days depending upon desired content. The size of classroom sessions is limited only by practical concerns such as the space available in your training room. To maintain the effectiveness of the hands-on sessions we recommend limiting their attendance to no more than 12 trainees.

Class costs are based on the number of attendees, number of days, and travel/living expenses. Please contact your Regional Office for a training quote.