Governor Services 

  SAFE Predictive Maintenance Program

American Governor Company now offers a maintenance program that enables you to assure that the governors in your hydro plant will maintain their current high availability. Our new System Assessment and Fleet Evaluation (SAFE) program provides plant operators and maintenance technicians with a systematic review and analysis of each governor’s current performance metrics and future maintenance needs, and identifies any operational issues that could affect their ability to conform to new NERC guidelines. American Governor offers the perfect mix of New and Reconditioned governor parts, experienced field service specialists, and hands-on governor training you need to keep your governors running As New, maximizing unit availability.

SAFE Program Features

How Does It Work?
The AGC SAFE Program is a Predictive Maintenance Program that includes an annual inspection of each covered governor, during which an experienced Governor Specialist assesses virtually every aspect of governor performance for each covered unit in a powerplant or group of powerplants. The inspections, analysis, and services are custom-tailored for each unit’s specific governor type and model, but the expected performance is always the same. No matter how old your governor is it should be able to pass NERC frequency responsiveness requirements. We’ll provide a Test Report for each covered unit that will include prioritized recommendations to enable you to decide which units need the most attention. Then, you can decide whether to have you maintenance staff perform the work utilizing As New spare parts from American Governor, or whether you would prefer one of our Field Service Engineers do the overhaul, tuning and calibration for you.

Annual Governor Inspection
The main feature of the Level I SAFE Program is our comprehensive governor inspection and performance test. A one-day site visit is included for each covered unit, during which we will gather all the information we need to prepare a detailed Inspection Test Report that will enable you to make smart decisions about how to spend your maintenance dollars to optimize plant performance and minimize unnecessary outages. This Test Report includes:

By implementing a SAFE program at your powerplant, you tap into a wealth of governor resources, experience, and expertise, all at an affordable price per unit!