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  Maintenance Plans

Every plant has varying levels of support and maintenance available to them. As time goes on, it seems to be more difficult to hang on to the valuable experience and maintenance resources that were previously available. Unfortunately, the need to maintain your existing governor system does not go away, even though it appears your maintenance resources do. We have a solution.

American Governor offers varying types of Maintenance Programs to suit your specific needs. We have minor and major overhauls for your governor, pumping, and hydraulic systems. We have in-house pump and motor overhauls services and we can provide regularly-scheduled overhaul services for your fleet.

Maintenance requirements vary from plant to plant so AGC offers customizable levels of maintenance, depending upon your needs and your budget. They can be as simple as taking care of those specific nagging issues, to our Predictive Maintenance Fleet Program designed to improve your fleets overall availability. All our Maintenance Plans are extremely cost-effective and ensure you the peace of mind and security that you are doing your part to keep your plant up and running.

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