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With over 600 years of combined hydro governor experience, we have found it almost universally true that your existing governor can be tuned, adjusted, calibrated and/or overhauled to provide the excellent control it used to provide and is so essential for grid stability. Often the source of the problem is simpler than you might imagine, and telephone technical support is usually free! If it turns out you need some parts, we can often source them from our extensive inventory of New and Reconditioned hydro governor parts … and ship them overnight, if your need is urgent.

If we can’t resolve your issue over the phone, no worries: we have experienced Field Service Engineers who are available to fly on short notice to help you out. In case after case we have overhauled, repaired or tuned our customers’ governors – some over 100 years old – to return them to services and get them performing like new, providing the precise frequency control hydro governors have always been known for.

Governor supports all types, models and vintages of hydro governors – from the oldest mechanical to the newest digital – produced by any OEM manufacturer. Whether mechanical, analog or digital, we have skilled Governor Specialists who can help you resolve your problems.

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