Governor Services 

  Factory Repair Service

Our Training and Repair Facility offers repair services for major governor auxiliary systems like XX Herringbone Gear Pumps and Permanent Magnet Generators. We can repair nearly any damaged or broken governor component.

Factory repairs save you money, as opposed to sending a technician to your site, and allows us to perform additional services that are difficult or impossible to do in the field.

Expert Service, Fast Turnaround

Factory Repair Services are Available for:

XX Herringbone Gear Pumps (Woodward)
These pumps are very robust and will last many more years with routine maintenance. In addition to basic pump overhaul services, we offer advanced repair services and have been able to repair some severely damaged pumps that customers thought were beyond saving.

Basic Pump Overhaul includes:
Advanced Repair Services include:
Permanent Magnet Generators (Woodward or Pelton)

PMGs have a very long useful life and will continue to perform reliably and efficiently with periodic maintenance. We offer a full range of factory services for both Woodward and Pelton units, including:

Factory Repairs are Also Available for Other Governor Assembliest:
Information also available in our Factory Repair Services Brochure:

Factory Repair Services.pdf

American Governor is committed to supporting all your governors, regardless of manufacturer or model, with parts, field service, technical support, training, and engineering for as long as you wish to keep them in service.

In need of repair? Contact your nearest Regional Office to discuss all available options.
*All goods to be imported to the US for repair must be shipped DDP.