Governor Services 

  Digital PLC Governors

If your unit control requirements have changed due to new operational needs, a digital governor conversion may be appropriate. American Governor is a leading provider of digital governor systems and hydraulic power units. We have commissioned or have orders for over 600 digital governor systems. Our custom-engineered systems are built around industry-standard PLC and hydraulic technology, and our proven governor algorithms and your specific needs.

All our digital governors are fail-safe and some feature electronic and hydraulic redundancy to continue operation in the event of a single point failure. We can incorporate other unit control features like unit start/stop sequencing, automatic synchronizing, synchronous bypass valve operation, six-needle sequencing, pump-turbine control, and downstream flow control modes. We have extensive experience using PLCs from Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Telemecanique/Schneider Electric/Modicon, GE, Siemens, and ABB.

Operator interfaces can range from a local color touchscreen to a complete PC-based plant monitoring system. All of our digital governors and control systems are fully tested on our Turbine Simulator before leaving our factory. Various other field devices are also simulated to ensure the system hardware and software are working properly before the equipment arrives at your power plant, reducing start-up and commissioning time.

If you have any questions regarding our custom-engineered Digital PLC Governors, please contact your nearest Regional Office.