Governor Modernization 

  Governor Modernization


Should I Maintain Legacy Governors or Consider Governor Modernization?

Mechanical governors have been the stalwart hydroelectric control system for over a century. The reliability and longevity of these governors has inspired confidence in generations of hydro maintenance crews, and literally thousands of them remain in service today in North America. But, governor technology has long since moved into the digital age, leaving owners in a quandary: Should I maintain my existing governors or move toward governor modernization? American Governor presents a method for assembling and prioritizing the factors to consider before making a decision:
Governor Decision Factors.pdf.

Reasons to Maintain Your Legacy Governor(s)

  1. Legacy Governor Parts and Service Are Available
  2. Legacy Governor Training Is Available
  3. Retrofit Kits Improve Performance
  4. Product Life Cycle of Digital Governors is Relatively Short

Reasons to Modernize to Digital Controls

  1. FERC-Compliant Downstream Flow Control
  2. Redundant Bypass Valve Control
  3. Enhanced On-Line Governor Performance Algorithms
  4. Standardized Governor Hardware and Software for 146 Units