Spare Woodward Governor Parts 

  Feedback Amplifier

Direct Replacement Feedback Amplifier

As the Woodward Driver Amplifer board was phased out, the intermediate stage feedback was still required to properly control a proportional valve system. The Feedback Amplifer System was developed to provide this intermediate feedback.This electronic circuit board takes the distributing valve spool position signal (typically a LVDT voltage) and allows it to be scaled for proper oil system control. The Vout to Vin ratio is typically between 0.25 and 0.75.While there were a number of different Woodward configurations sold, they all operate using the same basic circuit and features.
Box Assembly
The new assembly has been designed to
fit in the existing enclosures.
Removable terminal block
The removable terminal block makes
field wiring and testing easy.
American Governor offers a direct replacement for all the configurations. The AGC part Number is AGC-E030819. Some of the Woodward part numbers and boards that the AGC-E030819 replaces are listed below.
Woodward Part Numbers:
Part Number Description
5453-628 Box Assembly – Feedback Amplifier
5503-222 Feedback Amplifier Board Only
5452-010 Feedback Amplifier
9934-392 Feedback Amplifier Assembly
9934-393 Feedback Amplifier Schematic
3077-870 Base Board for Feedback Amplifier
This is not a comprehensive list because the Woodward part numbers
frequently changed. All the assemblies in the field have not yet been

Our feedback amplifier features:

  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Convenient plug-in terminals.
  • Removable DIP for quick field repair/replacement.
  • Fits in existing enclosures.
  • Broad calibration range for maximum flexibility.
  • Bi-directional operation; polarity of output easily changed.
  • MIL-Spec quality components.