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  Driver Amplifiers

Replacement Design Driver Amplifiers

Driver Amplifiers were used in hydro systems throughout the 1990’s as part of the Electro-Hydraulic Interface (EHI). They not only provide a method for controlling many different types of valves, but they also allow for a separate manual control.
Direct Replacement
Direct Replacement with Removable Terminal Blocks
Unfortunately, when a Driver Amplifier fails, it must be replaced in order to move the wicket gates, blades, or needles even in manual control. American Governor offers full support for Driver Amplifiers.
New Driver Amplifier
New Driver Amplifier Assembly
Our proven designs offer the following benefits:

• Drop in replacement – no wiring changes required

• Clearly labeled adjustments

• Additional test points added

• Removable terminal blocks on all models

• Fuses on external circuits

• Modern components

• Low thermal drift

• Same physical mounting

• Reverse polarity protection

• Best practices incorporated into all designs

Clear Labeling
Many improvements including clear labeling
and additional test points
All types of Driver Amplifiers are supported. Both new and reconditioned boards are available. Refer to part number below when ordering.
Driver Amplifier Parts
Part Number Description
5421-112 Driver Amplifier
5421-128 Driver Amplifier
5421-142 Driver Amplifier
5421-146 Driver Amplifier
5421-167 Driver Amplifier
5421-178 Driver Amplifier
5421-202 Driver Amplifier
5421-215 Driver Amplifier
5501-341 Driver Amplifier per 9933-520
5501-342 Driver Amplifier per 9933-520
5501-343 Driver Amplifier per 9933-520
5501-344 Driver Amplifier per 9933-520
5501-378 Driver Amplifier per 9933-520
9933-520 Generic Schematic for 5501 Series