Spare Woodward Governor Parts 

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For legacy governors ranging from mechanical flyball to analog electric to early digital governors, we offer new and refurbished Pelton and Woodward Governor parts, experienced field service and expert training. With our huge inventory of new and reconditioned governor parts, we can often provide the part you need overnight, if necessary. Standard overhaul parts are typically in stock and ready for same day shipment. Analog Electric and Digital Governor modules can be supplied, tested, and repaired. Obscure parts such as castings, shafts, and couplings are also available.

Our parts and products are guaranteed and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We utilize MIL, ASTM, ANSI, and SAE standards to ensure consistent quality results, and we have improved upon many OEM manufacturing processes.

We supply new and reconditioned replacement parts for many hydro governors including:

Woodward Governor Parts

  • Gateshaft Governors and GS Actuators
  • Mechanical Cabinet Actuators
  • Analog Electric Actuators including MOD I / MOD II
  • Digital Governors (all models)
  • A-Actuators
  • 20 Series Pumps
  • Oil Pumps, Unloaders and Pilot Valves
  • Reconditioned XX Pumps and Unloaders
  • Permanent Magnet Generators (PMGs)
  • Speed Signal Generators (SSGs)
  • Speed Switches

We Specialize in all Woodward Governor Equipment, including

  • Gateshaft Governors
  • Mechanical Cabinet Actuators
  • Mod I & II, Mag Amp, Drawer
  • Digital Controls, including NetCon™, Micronet™, Atlas™
  • OpTrend™, Intellution™, and other HMI Systems
  • Oil Pumps, Unloaders and Pilot Valves
  • Permanent Magnet Generators (PMGs)
  • Speed Signal Generators (SSGs)

Other Manufacturers We Support

  • Allis-Chalmers
  • Alstom
  • Andritz
  • GE
  • L&S Electric
  • Lombard
  • North American Phoenix
  • Pelton
  • Voith
  • and more

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