Governor Services 

  Legacy Governors

For legacy governors ranging from mechanical flyball to analog electric to early digital governors, we offer new and refurbished parts, experienced field service and expert training. Mechanical governors have a much longer mean time between failure than digital products and with our huge inventory of new and reconditioned governor parts, we can often provide the part you need overnight to keep your units running reliably.

Our Factory Training and Repair facility provides complete factory repair and overhaul services for many types of governors, oil pumps and Permanent Magnet Generators. Our governor specialists can answer your maintenance questions and provide troubleshooting assistance right over the phone. We also offer factory and on-site training to customers who wish to build their staff’s familiarity with the maintenance and calibration of existing equipment.

Mechanical governors can pass any NERC or CIP tests for deadband and deadtime: no need to upgrade to digital control systems to comply with new regulations. With our expertise on legacy mechanical governors, digital conversion is no longer the only option. We can add functionality to existing mechanical units with 4-20 mA transmitters and limit switch assemblies for gate limit, gate position, and speed adjustment functions. Our abilities are unparalled.